Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Welcome to our very own stitcher's FantasyLand

Seems like a lot of us like to stash fantasy-ish sort fo stash -- everything from castles and maidens to spaceships and planets. So why shouldn't we have a place to encourage each other to get some of theat "fantastic" stitching done? So, here you go, here's your place.

Come on and show us what you are up to, what you plan to get up to, what you stash, what you wish you could stash. Share your favorite threads/stitches for scales or stonework? Keep each other company while stitching a shuttle craft or fairy ring.

In short, pull up a needle and feel welcome!


Mel said...

Hi there Ruth! That's a nice collection of fantasy stash! I like the ornament idea - they're quick and fast :) Black Swan's Dragon Lair is a long time WIP of mine. I'll tell ya, the center part when really fast, but those darn dragons in the border are what's driving me crazy!!! Can't wait to check out more of the fantasy WIPs.

Mel said...

Me again! I looked again at your Dragon's Lair on the blog and it looks like a different pattern than mine. I'm going to have to pull mine out and take a look again!

Terry said...

I'd love to join you. I do a lot of different kinds of stitching but fantasy is my favorite!!! I'll get together my fantasy and post asap..