Monday, July 21, 2008

How about a "Fantasy Friday"?

Howdy everyone. This is going to be fun.

Would anyone be interested in working on fantasy cross stitch projects on Fridays? Doesn't have to only be Fridays, but for those like me, that bounce around several projects, I'm going to try to designate Friday night stitching (at least part of Friday night stitching) to fantasy stitching.

Here are some of the projects in my "would like to stitch" pile.

Teresa Wentzler "Needle Guardian" (I think this is SO cute):

Black Swan "Fire and Ice":

Dragon Dreams "There's Magic In My Needle":

And for a larger project, Teresa Wentzler "Fantasy Sampler":

There are also several Dragon Dream freebie patterns that are in my to-stitch pile (sorry no pictures):
- Dragon of Hope 2005
- Dragon of Fire
- Dragon of Water
- Dragon of Air
- Dragon of Earth
- Dragon of Spirit
- A Spot of Tea

Of these listed, Teresa Wentzler "Needle Guardian" and Dragon Dreams "Fire and Ice" are at the top of my "want to stitch" fantasy list.


Shelleen said...

I started TW The Storyteller and need to work on that. Do you count Queens as well? I started Mirabilia Winter Queen a while ago as well.

Ginnie said...

I have a few of the Dragon (dragon dreams) freebies waiting for a spare moment...... I could fit in stitching these on a Friday if anyone else is game??

Chiasmata said...

I've got TW's freebie Tempest almost ready for a happy dance. I'll pick up him on Friday and see how I go.

Ruth said...

You know Chris, any of these are a fine thing to start --- they'd all look great in my life. ;-)

Julia said...

I would like to stitch the Fire and Ice freebie, but I cannot find it anywhere.
Would you please tell me if you can share it with me?
thanks so much.