Thursday, July 24, 2008

Anyone want one?

Turns out I have two of these. One is free to a good home --
6_8_2008 019


Chiasmata said...

Hi Ruth, I have a friend who's obsessed with stitching wizards and would just love that kit! I'd be happy to pay postage or pop a little something in the mail in return. :)

Ruth said...

It's yours... well, your friend's. lol

No worries on postage. I'll send it along with the lions which, if I'm lucky I'll actually get to the post office with sometime soon. :)

Chiasmata said...

Thanks so much, Ruth! You're so generous. :D I really should get my friend Jordan blogging. She was a pretty casual cross stitcher til I met her, now she's been introduced to the dark side - ONSs, ebay, stitching blogs... and I'm just about to take her to her first stitching fair! >=)

Whenever you get to the post office is fine. I really shouldn't be stitching right now - it's officially 14 weeks until I hand in my thesis from today!

Oh, when you get a moment I'd love to be added to Stitchafantasy. I'll be pulling out my autumn dragon for Friday stitching. :)

Jean said...

Seeing that was a trip down memory lane. Several years ago, my daughter made that pattern for her (then) boyfriend. It came out really nice and he liked it.