Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Between a rock and a ... errr.... excessive pile of stash --

I have too many patterns to pick from. Frankly I'm still trying to overcome the shock that I don't have a single fantasy UFO hanging around. How the heck did that happen????? Wait a minute! I do have one. I have my Halloween Fairy from Mirabilia.
6_21_2008 012
I could finish her up with relative speed, but ohhhhh, the call of a new pattern is so strong.

Here are my prime candidates:
Bothy Threads -- Cut thru Rocket
Bothy Threads Cut thru' Rocket

Cross Eyed Kat, Black Swan, or Xs and Ohs ornies -- (possibly a brilliant plan because I'd get them done faster..... maybe)
6_8_2008 034
6_17_2008 003

Gimmies -- purple dragon needlepoint canvas
3_1_2008 018

Bothy Treads -- Cut thru Castle
Bothy Threads Cut thru' Princess Palace

little Liz dragon canvas
2_5_2008 058

Black Swan -- Dragon's Lair
6_8_2008 010

Dimensions kit -- wizard
6_8_2008 019


Chiasmata said...

Ah! You absolutely have to drop everything and start the purple dragon canvas. He's too adorable to ignore!

Kerry said...

My favourite is the cut through rocket.

Tanja said...

One thing I learned from all you cross stitch bloggers: I'm pretty normal having all the stash and working on more than one project!!

Thanks for that :-)

And finish the Halloween thing, before you know it it's October.


Ginnie said...

Oh the choice is too much.... I think I would be tempted by the Cut Thru castle or the Wizard one.