Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Bit More Rocket

As a matter of fact, Chris, I have done some more stitching, especially backstitching, on Bothy's Cut-Thru Rocket. Now it is starting to look like a real rocket. Though I drooled over the pictures that Terry posted and really want to start Sleep Hollow by the Crossed Eye Cricket, but I don't have the chart. I suppose I ought to stitch some of the Miribilia mermaids I already have first, right? Plenty of fantasy around here to keep stitching forever.

Happy Tuesday

I was going to try to start Needle Gurardian by Teresa Wentzler this past Friday night, but I did not. I do plan to start Needle Gurardian by this weekend.

Has anyone else done any Fantasy stitching?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hello Everyone

I am excited to be here. I have a HUGE stack of fantasy to stitch, just need to get to work on it. Here are the ones I want to do the most, in no particular order..
Sleepy Hollow by Cross Eyed Cricket
Dragon Carousel by Patricia Allison

Needle Gurardian by Teresa Wentzler

Dragonwing by Enchanting Lair

Mushroom Dragonfly by Fire Wing

Porthole Mermaid by Jasmine Beckett-Griffith, HAED

Gargoyles of Notre Dame by Jasmine Becket-Griffith, HAED

There are of course tons more Wentzlers, dragon dreams, etc, etc, etc. Oh now if I could just live to be about 500 I could get them all stitched.. Thanks for letting me join all of you..

Anyone want one?

Turns out I have two of these. One is free to a good home --
6_8_2008 019

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thanks, Ruth!

I guess I joined this group just in time. ;-) I have started Bothy's Cut-Through Rocket. I don't think I will be able to stitch it on Fridays since my schedule is so dependent on travel, but I know I will be working on this for the next couple of months until it is finished. It is on my yearly goals list. Over half my goals are done, so on to the rest.

You might notice that I am not stitching this on the supplied navy Aida. Instead I substituted some Midnight Fantasy 32 ct Opalescent Belfast Linen from Silkweavers. I just don't like the finished look of aida, so I substitute fabric for any kit that includes aida.

This pattern has a lot of backstitching. When I finish the first section (the nosecone), I will start on the backstitching and try to keep it up, section by section. Can't wait to see what everyone else is stitching. Maybe I will get inspired to start some Miribilia mermaids or a Wentzler dragon next.

Monday, July 21, 2008

How about a "Fantasy Friday"?

Howdy everyone. This is going to be fun.

Would anyone be interested in working on fantasy cross stitch projects on Fridays? Doesn't have to only be Fridays, but for those like me, that bounce around several projects, I'm going to try to designate Friday night stitching (at least part of Friday night stitching) to fantasy stitching.

Here are some of the projects in my "would like to stitch" pile.

Teresa Wentzler "Needle Guardian" (I think this is SO cute):

Black Swan "Fire and Ice":

Dragon Dreams "There's Magic In My Needle":

And for a larger project, Teresa Wentzler "Fantasy Sampler":

There are also several Dragon Dream freebie patterns that are in my to-stitch pile (sorry no pictures):
- Dragon of Hope 2005
- Dragon of Fire
- Dragon of Water
- Dragon of Air
- Dragon of Earth
- Dragon of Spirit
- A Spot of Tea

Of these listed, Teresa Wentzler "Needle Guardian" and Dragon Dreams "Fire and Ice" are at the top of my "want to stitch" fantasy list.

Ok, who wants to join?

I think I've managed to send out the first batch of invites to folks looking to post to the SAL. If you'd like one, just email me at fantasysal@yahoo.com and I'll get you an invite and you can post all your SAL progress (or lack thereof)!

Hee hee. We're off!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Between a rock and a ... errr.... excessive pile of stash --

I have too many patterns to pick from. Frankly I'm still trying to overcome the shock that I don't have a single fantasy UFO hanging around. How the heck did that happen????? Wait a minute! I do have one. I have my Halloween Fairy from Mirabilia.
6_21_2008 012
I could finish her up with relative speed, but ohhhhh, the call of a new pattern is so strong.

Here are my prime candidates:
Bothy Threads -- Cut thru Rocket
Bothy Threads Cut thru' Rocket

Cross Eyed Kat, Black Swan, or Xs and Ohs ornies -- (possibly a brilliant plan because I'd get them done faster..... maybe)
6_8_2008 034
6_17_2008 003

Gimmies -- purple dragon needlepoint canvas
3_1_2008 018

Bothy Treads -- Cut thru Castle
Bothy Threads Cut thru' Princess Palace

little Liz dragon canvas
2_5_2008 058

Black Swan -- Dragon's Lair
6_8_2008 010

Dimensions kit -- wizard
6_8_2008 019

Welcome to our very own stitcher's FantasyLand

Seems like a lot of us like to stash fantasy-ish sort fo stash -- everything from castles and maidens to spaceships and planets. So why shouldn't we have a place to encourage each other to get some of theat "fantastic" stitching done? So, here you go, here's your place.

Come on and show us what you are up to, what you plan to get up to, what you stash, what you wish you could stash. Share your favorite threads/stitches for scales or stonework? Keep each other company while stitching a shuttle craft or fairy ring.

In short, pull up a needle and feel welcome!