Friday, May 29, 2009

The saga of the dragon

Just in the last 3 days I've gone from here:
5_27_2009 003
Then I thought, gosh let's redo how the chart is highlighted so we can right off spot the beading bits and ignore them. So I redid the chart (the beading parts are yellow, but I swear every time I went to stitch I picked a bit that needed beading.) I was working from and discovered I have a heck of a lot done:
5_27_2009 017
So that motivated me to get even more done:
5_27_2009 019
5_27_2009 026
But I also discovered I'd stitched where there were supposed to be beads so we came to a screeching halt while I tried to pull out the offending corner
5_27_2009 028

Now he's all ripped and fixed and all I need to do is get remotivated to work with blending filament.

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Shelleen said...

Good for you Ruth!