Monday, November 17, 2008

I stitched!

I know, it's a miracle!
11_17_2008 009
I worked on this long languishing ornament from Dragon Dreams. You see, I was going great guns on this way back in like March of this year. The castle was done and I had gotten all the green in on the left side of the piece. Then one fateful night I needed whatever green I had decided to use for this for something else. I clearly remember thinking "you'd better not take that green floss out of this bag-- you'll lose it." Well somehow I convinced myself I wouldn't lose it. You knew it had to happen right? I have no idea what I needed that particular green for nor do I know what green it was because Heaven knows I wasn't using the one the pattern called for.

So last night I hemmed and hawed and picked what I thought was the matching color. Did 8 stitches -- nope, not that one. Ripped out. Picked another color. Nope, not that one, but it's better. I stitched all of the right side green and realized part way through it that it still didn't match. Sigh. So I finished the right side green, ripped out the left side and restitched that. Now I match!

I capped off my evening by putting in all the snow. Now I just have to decide if I want to do the arched Heavens that the pattern shows.


Terry said...

Very pretty, I love the colors

Shelleen said...

looks great